While in Prague… Make most of it. Tease your taste buds in luxury. Tempting traditional cuisine, delightful to all senses.
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Decisions, decisions …

Decisions, decisions …

Specializing in delightful duck and game dishes, we know how to satisfy all your cravings and desires. By our rich variety of

tempting desserts we already resolved the after - the – main – course classic for you. From to have or not to have,

you will only be left with the dilemma which one to have. C’mon spoil yourself, there is always a little space left!



Prague ham with apricot mustard and sweet and sour pickled vegetable215 Kč
Smoked duck breast with onion marmalade295 Kč
Saddle of fallow deer with horseradish dip and juniper oil225 Kč
Wild game pâté with bacon and cranberries225 Kč
Grilled duck foie gras with grapes and gingerbread chip475 Kč
Duck rillettes with grilled pepper and baked bacon215 Kč


Strong duck broth with homemade noodles and blanched vegetable140 Kč
Traditional Czech potato soup with wild mushrooms145 Kč

Large salads

Mixed vegetable salad with basil-marinated sheep cheese215 Kč
Green salad with marinated beet and grilled pheasant breast395 Kč

Vegetarian Meals

Wild mushrooms and chanterelle ragout with garlic potato pancakes445 Kč
Brussels sprouts stew with raisins, almonds and potato puree445 Kč

Duck Specialties

Duck with walnut stuffing, red and white cabbage and potato dumplings475 Kč
Roasted duck on Slivovice with dried plum sauce and potato pancakes475 Kč
Roasted duck glazed with honey and apple brandy with baked mashed potatoes475 Kč
Roast duck with bacon Brussels sprouts and garlic potato pancakes475 Kč
Confited duck roulade with liver and raw potato dumplings475 Kč
Flambéed duck breast spiked with dried apricots, red wine and green pepper sauce and almond potato croquettes595 Kč
Classic Czech duck breast roasted in ginger, majoram, and bacon, served with mashed potatoes575 Kč
Wild duck breasts spiked with Prague ham and cranberry sauce with raw potato dumplings595 Kč

Wild Game Specialties

Fallow-deer saddle with rose hip sauce and Carlsbad dumplings595 Kč
Wild boar roast with onion and garlic, red cabbage and rolled potato dumplings475 Kč
Roast pheasant breast with dark beer-plum sauce and almond potato croquettes495 Kč
Roast hare with garlic, chanterelle and potato puree495 Kč
Venison goulash with Moravian wine and crakling dumplings475 Kč

Traditional Specialties

Filet mignon with vegetable cream sauce, Carlsbad dumplings and cranberries595 Kč
Roast pork spiked with Prague ham, caramelized Brussels sprouts and crackling dumplings475 Kč
Roast rabbit with wild mushrooms and rosemary rice475 Kč
Rolled leg of lamb with garlic spinach and potato pancakes495 Kč

Vegetable side dishes

Side dish salad115 Kč
Warm season vegetable115 Kč

Dishes for Two

Old Bohemian baking pan1 050 Kč

Menu Degustation

Czech degustation menu950 Kč


Flamed pancake Grand Marnier with blackberries, chocolate and almonds225 Kč
Black forest cake with chocolate shavings195 Kč
Hot chocolate cake with vanilla cream and nuts195 Kč
Raspberry gratin with mascarpone cheese and brown sugar195 Kč
Apple strudel with punch sauce and walnuts195 Kč
Cinnamon pancakes with blueberries and sour cream195 Kč
Chestnut cake with poppy seed filling and hot red currant sauce195 Kč
Plum roll with coffee liqueur sauce195 Kč
Homemade ice cream and sorbets - ask for daily offer195 Kč


Cheese variety with honey-marinated hazelnuts215 Kč